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With over 18 years naturopathic experience, Stacey offers a supportive space for people to discover their own inner health expert.  She feels this is the essential ingredient to access what steps are needed to obtain optimal health and well-being.  This includes your relationship with food, your body and how this plays out in all aspects of  health and ultimately life.


Chakra-puncture involves gentle non-invasive needling of the body in combinations and in areas to unblock energetic centres called Nadis.  This therapy differs by supporting the individual to correct the daily activities, how they live, which caused the disharmony in the first instance.  



Esoteric massage is the use of gentle massage techniques that support the body to connect to its' own ability to heal. There is no harsh forcing of tissues and other delicate structures, only support guidance for the body to correct any disharmony. Though gentle, it works deeper than a deep tissue massage.



Esoteric is a Greek word that means "within" and healing not being likened to other current alternative energy healing methods but a less imposing complementary form whereby the body is supported via gentle hands on techniques to be reminded of its own ability to heal. 



Yoga of Stillness offers an increased potential to connect to and build a relationship with our body that is gentle, self-caring and loving. The building of this quality towards ourselves can support us to integrate this way of being into our every day, leaving us with a greater potential to feel more vital and purposeful. Yoga of Stillness has also been found to support feelings of anxiousness, overwhelm and nervous tension. 

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