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A modern and non-invasive needling technique based on an ancient lineage of Esoteric wisdom, Chakra-puncture provides a deep foundational energetic support for the body.

Via harmonising the energetic flow in the body, the resultant physical movement of blood and lymph supports all organs and systems via increased nourishment and removal of toxins. One of the most important systems to benefit from this is the central nervous system.


Chakra-puncture supports you to become aware and clear the common energetic causes behind physical disharmony, whilst supporting symptom management of your condition.


Chakra-puncture is based on the Science of the Nadis, the energetic centres in our bodies that are distinct from our chakras. When the Nadis are alive and unimposed upon, the body possesses the qualities of true harmony and stillness. This leaves the physiology and therefore the organs and body systems holding these harmonious qualities and supporting the possibility of a truly vital body.

Have you felt that you know what you are doing wrong in your everyday, whether it be not eating correctly, constant poor posture at your desk, not exercising adequately, not getting to bed early enough or just not saying what you feel to your Boss?  These are the type of daily activities, how we live, that can contribute to the energetic causes behind physical disharmony.

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