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It's been a while...

Welcome to my first newsletter in a very long time. The last clinic newsletter that I wrote was when I was trading under the Natural Therapies For You banner. I was working full-time with staff, in a commercially leased premises, which was prior to having children over 12 years ago.



You might be asking why now after all this time? Firstly, I've had more space to reflect on what's needed for everyone. I've pondered on writing newsletters for years, however, I didn’t fully appreciate how supportive this could be.


I thought a newsletter might be perceived as ‘unwanted spam’, which to some this could be. However, with the world in the most challenging state I have seen in my lifetime, and with so much support to offer in the clinic setting, I felt writing about this support is another avenue for anyone to access.


So, here is my other avenue or additional modality, not so much a newsletter, but your session in a letter - offering all those who are looking for it, support for becoming their own inner health expert, in all areas of life. My sharings will be inspired by the common conditions and their related life causes I see in clinic as well as any additional health related topics in the world.
This is YOUR session, not mine. I am writing this for you, which is a way of being for me, as I’d love nothing more than for everyone to access what I do each day, and to live more simply, without the worries of the whats and whys of life’s occurrences.
This month I talk about the topic on the tip of most people’s tongue – the COVID-19 vaccine. Also, we look at the impact of lockdown on mental health and how we can work together to simplify the support on offer to support mental health optimally. We also look at how you can boost your immunity simply.



The COVID-19 Vaccine

Now, I'm no expert on the deeper workings of vaccinations. All I can share is my experience in clinic and personally in this area, and my understanding of the body and its relative responses.


Vaccinations were developed to gently stimulate our body’s natural immune response via giving a deactivated dose of the specific disease. A successful response results in the formation of antibodies in the body to that disease or source of infection. Hence, for the COVID-19 vaccine, this would be a deactivated form of the COVID-19 virus. More about how vaccines work can be found here.



(08/12/2020). How do vaccines work? [Infographic]. World Health Organisation.

The Australian Government Department of Health have this information regarding how the COVID-19 vaccine works and the regulations of it.

There are many arguments and much evidence for and against vaccinations, including the COVID-19 vaccine. This leaves many people concerned about what to do and what is right for them individually.

With years of experience reading research, the best advice I can give in this situation is to gain all the information you feel you require, from all the sources you feel most supportive. It is important to be discerning as to what is right for you, because unfortunately much of what is out there can be biased, so do your research on the research and tailor it to your individual needs and risks. 
From here, then make a choice based on what feels right for you in all areas of life. Many are concerned about expectations to be vaccinated due to their line of work. Recently, the Fair Work Ombudsman (August 2021) released an updated advice for employers regarding requesting mandatory vaccinations. Here is a link for more information.
In supporting a number of clients who have received the COVID-19 vaccine, I've observed stronger responses from these vaccines compared to other common vaccines. Hence, I highly recommend you be in the best health to support your body to respond optimally to the COVID-19 vaccine and to reduce the likelihood of any potential negative side effects.
There are many options I offer to support you through such a process, including your immunity. So, if you feel you need further clarification, book a short follow-up or regular appointment with me online.


The Mental Health Pandemic

As you may be well aware, the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on global mental health, has been devastating to say the least, with an exponential increase in diagnosed cases that were already previously at concerning levels.

There are a lot of remedies available in-person or online, whether it be food, lifestyle, exercise, meditations or free programs and advice, all stating that they support an improvement in mental health, yet it is still on the rise.



Many say that there is more awareness of what ill-mental-health looks like and hence more diagnosis are occurring. Yes, this will affect the figures, but none-the-less, the fact that it is still occurring and present to be diagnosed, is a growing concern.


So, the key problem I feel for each person is, the difficulty in deciding what is the best remedy or course of action to take and who is best to speak to. Supporting optimal mental health in particular depression and anxiety, is something I love to do in clinic and have the relative experience to match.


Together, we work through what is the simplest and most effective support for you. This is tailored to your current lifestyle, budget, and health goals. Part of this support is the referral and teamwork with other allied health practitioners, where required, for you to gain optimal mental health quickly.



I also work to assist you to understand your feelings and emotionsrelative to your ill-mental-health, and the many different inter-related facets of life and how this plays out simply. This is alongside your allied health practitioner or support network where required.From the basic not “feeling yourself”, to chroniclong-term mental ill-health conditions, support is on offer at the clinic. If you are not sure if or how I can support, contact me to discuss.


Your Immunity

Withall the immunity talk at the top of the list of most people’s conversations these last 12 months let's recap on a few key essentials to support your health:

Fruit and veggies.jpg

Food & Drink
Plenty of good quality protein with main meals and snacks alongside 2-3 handfuls of fresh vegetables twice daily will give you the core foundations of good immunity.

Good water intake is essential. Your blood is predominantly plasma, which is 90% water. How do we expect to nourish our body as well as excrete toxic waste if our red blood cells cannot travel to our tissues?


Limit caffeinated drinks as these encourage loss of water and hence will increase your water intake requirements.


Don’t overbook your work and social calendar. If you don’t have to go to something, then reschedule or cancel it and book this as rest and reflect time. An over-stressed body can leave you more vulnerable to infections taking place.

Lifestyle Choices.jpg

From my experience, supplements are only supportive if your food, lifestyle and mental/emotional well-being are at least 50% supported. They do work, however, you won’t notice the benefits at a surface symptomatic (conscious) level if the supplements are making up for lost nutrition in your food, an overworked nervous system or overbooked work and/or social diary.

Mental & Emotional Components

All of those unsaid, unresolved or suppressed expressions regarding situations won’t support your immunity. Having a civil conversation with the person related to the situation may support you to free up some tension from your body and hence take the pressure off your nervous system. Your nervous system runs all other systems and hence the importance of this to support one such component being your immunity.

Seek professional support if you don’t feel you can have a civil conversation relating to the topic that is creating tension for you.


There are many components to consider here which can be overwhelming. However, by just bringing focus to one thing you feel to change, you can make a difference to your overall well-being. It’s the commitment and consistency that makes the difference andnot the quantity of change -and if you fall off the wagon, just hop back on and don’t beat yourself up.

If you have any queries about any of these topics, please do not hesitate to contact me via email, or phone (07) 3630 4142 or 0412 402 425.


In true health,

Stacey Francis
Absolute Integrative Health


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World Health Organisation. (2020).How do vaccines work?

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