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Fascia is a weblike connective tissue throughout the body that modern science has known of since at least the late 1800s. Researchers have found the Fascia to be protective of our anatomical structures by absorbing a certain level of trauma. Trauma can be from stress, shock and poor nutrition through to a motor vehicle accident.  Fascia has been found to be three dimensionally through the body from head to toe, including around muscles, bones, organs, nerves, blood vessels and the spinal cord naming a few.  A small tension in one area can affect the entire body indirectly. 

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Fascia - Gentle therapies vs Harsh Therapies


Fascia responds to gentle touch due to one of its main duties being that of a shock absorber of trauma and hence a protective tissue for our major organs and structures.  If you press too hard in any area on the body, like some current forms of alternative therapies, the fascia naturally tenses up as a way of protecting the body.  If the fascia tenses a true healing will be difficult to obtain as the fascia will still hold physically the original cause of the disharmony or tension.

Via the use of gentle non-imposing simple techniques, the body allows the practitioner to work on the deeper levels of trauma and disharmony thereby allowing the possibility of a stronger longer lasting benefit.

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