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A webinar that supports you to connect and look at your health and well-being in our current home environments.


Whilst we are all taking the necessary measures of isolating ourselves as much as possible to limit the spread of COVID-19, this can lead to us feeling impacts on our health and well-being in other ways.


The feeling of decreased wellbeing can come from stress due to sudden changes to our lives like working at home, having to deal with partner or flat mate dynamics, juggling children, home schooling and work at the same time, or simply not being able to see your Beautician or Massage therapist to self-nurture, or even experiencing limited access to your usual food stocks or other essential supplies.  All of these are known to be potential stress creators that can flow on into our physical and mental health.


It can be quite confronting to be suddenly met with having to combine your home and work life and have exposed those areas that we probably needed to work on more prior to this current global pandemic.


These increased feelings of stress can then lead to poor exercise routines, poor eating and drinking habits, unwanted tension and even fighting between you and your co-habitants.  


All of this affects your health - the very thing we are all working to protect.


This is further intensified with all the constant media that can promote fear in people, especially our most vulnerable members of society.  

Is it possible that such an intense time globally could be seen as an opportunity to improve your and another’s well-being? 

In this webinar we workshop strategies to use adverse or difficult times as an opportunity for positive change, whether it be in your home life, your relationship with yourself, work, nutrition, beauty, or exercise. Overall we can use this time to broaden our understanding of better health, leading to a better you.


If you feel this is something that will support you, listen to the recording and I look forward to seeing you at a future event.


WEBINAR: Your well-being in the current global climate
Recorded Wednesday the 8th of April, 2020 

PRICE: $37.50

How to purchase:

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