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Founder Stacey Francis and the Absolute Integrative Healthcare team provide holistic support to people experiencing complex health issues in partnership with medicine and allied health practitioners.

Meet the team

Learn more and connect with the Absolute Integrative Healthcare Team

Stacey Francis

With 15 years of practice experience running a successful complementary therapies clinic, after having her first child of 2, health conditions arose that lead Stacey on a path to connect with her own 'inner health expert'.  


Stacey realised the importance of this self-reflective connection as it is different for every individual.  She realised that this played a large part in whether a client's health goals were achieved or not. This lead to a restructure in her then already successful practice which reflects her deep level of integrity and care for everyone. This restructure saw her change the way she practices and today she brings an enriching Health Mentoring emphasis to her practice.


Joanne Bridges

Joanne has a warmth and ability to genuinely connect with others, without judgement, and allowing space to deepen their relationship with their body. Joanne brings these gorgeous qualities as a practitioner of Sacred Esoteric Healing and Esoteric Yoga. Both are complementary modalities that can support clients to potentially deepen their connection with, and understanding of, their body

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