We provide holistic support to uncover the possible underlying causes of complex health issues in partnership with medicine and allied health practitioners.

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Stacey empowers people to find their own Inner Health Expert


She supports clients to connect to their 'inner health expert' and find their way on their health journey.

Whether that be through empowering them to make changes to food and poor lifestyle, or supporting self-advocacy of health.

Many clients come to her when they feel disempowered because they feel they are not being heard by other practitioners. This is especially the case when they are experiencing multiple symptoms or where their ailment does not have a name or a label.

​Listening to you is central to Stacey's ethos


"Most people with Chronic health conditions really know their body. I respect that in full and support without imposition."


Bringing over 20 years experience to the table we will help guide you and filter out what does and doesn’t serve in assisting you in regards to obtaining optimum health.

Naturopath, Health Mentor & Bodywork Practitioner

Support for all areas of:

  • Men's, Women's and Teen Health
  • Children's Health 

With a particular focus on health behaviours that can lead to ill-health, including support for people experiencing a wide range of conditions arising from body systems including: 

  • endocrine,

  • nervous system,

  • immune system,

  • digestive system,

  • musculoskeletal system

  • and detoxification systems.

Stacey also provides support for people experiencing Mental Health conditions related to well-being, poor nutrition, anxiety and depression.

"Health doesn't have to be complicated. 

In fact with true support, taking care of ourselves can be quite simple"

– Stacey Francis

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