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Do you have a mountain of supplements but don’t know what to do with them?


Do you find when you take supplements they don’t work for you?


Do supplements make you feel worse?


Did you know that some supplements can be harmful to you?


There is a plethora of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements available to us on the market, but also via various healthcare practitioners. 


Many become overwhelmed with understanding what they need to take, not only from what is promoted on all forms of media or by others they connect with, but also what they are recommended from varied healthcare practitioners. 


This health discussion recording aims to unpack the many myths surrounding what a supplement is, how it works, what it should do for you, how to discern if this is something you need, and common cautions that are often not known, that can result in supplements doing more harm than good to one's health. 


WEBINAR: Supplements and You

PRICE: $39.95

Supplements and You

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