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Do you want to never feel anxious, tense, or frustrated about another school lunch box again?  


Do you want to enjoy lunchbox discussions and preparation with your children?


Do you want your children to be more engaged with you regarding nutrition options?


Do you want your children to have more understanding of why nutrition is so important for them?


In this unpacking session, naturopath and bodywork practitioner Stacey Francis unpacks the common problems faced daily by many parents/guardians with the lunchboxes of children of all ages.


Stacey gives simple tips to navigate 

  • Fussy eaters
  • Unsupportive food behaviours 
  • Childhood nutrition information
  • Food preparation 


Alongside this, she shares some simple nutritious lunchbox options and recipes that are her personal favourite.


WEBINAR: Let's Unpack Children's Lunchboxes

PRICE: $39.95

Let's Unpack Children's Lunchboxes

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