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Please note that listening to the first webinar in this series is recommended but not essential to purchase this event.

In part 1 of Your Well-being in the Current Global Climate we looked at simple strategies that you could immediately implement to support your health and well being and allow you the space to Observe the unfolding of the true learning that is available when your world changes. 


The strategies on offer in this second webinar are applicable not just now but in your every day life into the future.

In Part 2, we review these strategies and unpack what arises from their implementation via interconnecting the behaviours/patterns that come to light as you make changes.


This may include thoughts, feelings, our expression/communication, eating, and other related habits, reactions and behaviours that play out. We will also further explore their impacts on specific body systems that ultimately affect your health and well-being, for example digestion, adrenals stress levels and more.


The presentation will be interactive with opportunities to workshop the information presented.

Your Well-being in the Current Global Climate Part 2

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