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Have you ever wondered what all the hype is about 'gut health'?


Do you struggle to understand what it is when they say 'gut health'?


Do you get overwhelmed trying to discern  the large amount of information there is about gut health and what it is?


According to studies gut health has been attributed to a myriad of disharmonious states in the body including:


Hormone imbalances


poor mental health

poor memory

poor immunity

chronic pain

skin conditions

autoimmune conditions

and more.


To further add to the confusion many issues stemming from gut health do not neccesarily have gut related symptoms.


In this health discussion, Naturopath and bodywork practitioner Stacey Francis covers, in simple terms, what gut health is, the many components involved, their functions and how this then relates to your overall well-being and life.

We look forward to you connecting more with the importance of your gut health in this simple and fun discussion.


WEBINAR: The Importance of Gut Health 

PRICE: $39.95


The Importance of Gut Health

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