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Joanne has a love for people that can be deeply felt, and a passion for supporting others to feel and understand their body in a way that supports their well-being

Her 26 years experience as a health professional combined with her personal experiences has led to a deeper understanding of simple yet profound ways to support her body, and she is passionate about sharing this with others.

Joanne has a warmth and ability to genuinely connect with others, without judgement, and allowing space to deepen their relationship with their body. Joanne brings these gorgeous qualities as a practitioner of Esoteric Yoga and Sacred Esoteric Healing. Both are complementary modalities that can support clients to potentially deepen their connection with, and understanding of, their body.

Sessions with Joanne are available online for Esoteric Yoga. Book here.

Contact Joanne for more information about her in-person services and availability.

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